Miss Golden-Rivet 2012 ►

Natasha Daniel Gantz has been awarded the ‘face of’ Golden-Rivet. Our very 1st ‘Golden-Rivet Girl’.

Natasha has been involved in different sports since an early age and her hobby turned into her passion and then into her career.
Natasha holds a B.eD in Physical Education and Sports Science and is currently working as self-employed personal trainer and nutrition advisor as well as being a full time mother.

Natasha is dedicated to helping others transform their bodies and lives with a combination of exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes to boost health and wellbeing. She strongly believes that being fit and healthy is a journey, not a destination, and she regularly practices what she preaches.

Her ambition is to become the best personal trainer and healthy living ambassador, and she continually strives to keep her scientific and practical knowledge up to date.

A few years ago  Natasha wanted to take her training  to the next level- she decided to enter fitness - bikini contests. She enjoyed it hugely and loved the feeling of being on stage, it helped her to set new exercise goals, learn more about training and nutrition,  boosting her confidence and most importantly having fun regardless if she places or not .

In 2 years Natasha has done 6 shows with various federations and placed in Bikini/Beach Body division. But the best highlight for Natasha was becoming an original Galaxy Girl, where she has had to train hard not only for aesthetics, looking good on stage , but she has to train for performance, to be strong and fast to complete in the fitness challenges.

Natasha trains 5-6 times per week . She would periodize her training a couple of times per year of strength ,hypertrophy and endurance phase.

Her typical weekly workouts would include  a combination of multi joint/compound movements, functional movements engaging large muscle groups , plyometrics , super sets , giant sets, drop sets, metabolic circuits and  high intensity interval training. Variety , overload and progression is a key.

On active recovery days Natasha practices yoga and Always listens to her body and would have an extra day off if needed!



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