Miss Golden-Rivet 2013 ►

Poppy Hooton is the new face of Golden-Rivet for 2013!

Poppy fought off fierce competition from over 100 competitors at this year's Miss Galaxy Universe pageant at the Hawth in Crawley to secure the crown after being voted the competitor that Golden-Rivet founder, Andy Screen, felt best represented both the forces pin-up and the Golden-Rivet brand.

Poppy has enjoyed many sports such as netball and athletics from a young age. As a teenager Poppy competed in sprinting events for Sussex where she held the first place title for a number of years. In school Poppy always found it hard to fit in so as soon as she was old enough to join her local gym she began training under supervision of her personal trainer mother Jacqueline Hooton. She threw herself in and discovered her love of training.

Poppy currently works in the gym she trains at and finds this really helps to motivate her as she is surrounded by people who are also interested in health and fitness.

When Poppy decided to start competing it gave her a new focus and exercise goal and she learnt more about training and nutrition.

Poppy trains 5-6 times a week doing mostly weight training, to achieve great definition and strength. ‘Most people (especially women) don’t understand why I do weight training’ says Poppy, ‘But I love it, I have found that I’m actually really strong, and I enjoy the challenge of pushing my body to its boundaries’.

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Poppy has found her fitness journey so far a struggle as she receives a lot of negative criticism. This alongside not placing in two previous bikini competitions left Poppy finding it hard to keep focused. However with great determination Poppy carried on training and was delighted to be awarded Miss Beach Body in Miss Galaxy Universe 2013. This has massively boosted Poppy’s confidence and she will use her new- found success to encourage other young women to train and enter fitness events.

Poppy combines her training and nutrition to live a healthy and energetic lifestyle as this is something she believes to be very important, she hopes this will enable her to continue competing in the future.

Poppy x

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