Miss Golden-Rivet 2014 ►

Kelly Bardwell is the new face of Golden-Rivet for 2014!

Kelly fought off fierce competition from over 100 competitors at this year's Miss Galaxy Universe pageant at the Hawth in Crawley to secure the crown after being voted the competitor that Golden-Rivet founder, Andy Screen, felt best represented both the forces pin-up and the Golden-Rivet brand.

As Miss Golden-Rivet, Kelly stars in the 2015 Golden-Rivet calendar. This year, the standard was so high that the lovely Ravenn Rocc was also asked to make a guest appearance in the calendar making it the best one to date. Shot by the inimitable Lowell Mason - the official photographer for Miss Galaxy Universe - at Ashdown WW2 camp, it's sure to bring a healthy dose of vintage pinup goodness to every month of 2015!

The 2015 Golden-Rivet calendar is available NOW! Get your exclusive copy here! 

Miss Galaxy UniverseLowell. M Photography